• At present, only 15% of the population in China meets the definition of health by the World Health Organization. With the increasing emphasis on sub health, consumers, especially for daily nutrition and immune boosting products, are gradually in strong demand.
    The Guangzhou International Maternal and Child Care EXPO (PCE Maternal and Child Care EXPO) is a professional exhibition for health nutrition and nutritional products, with an exhibition area of 50000 square meters. It is expected to attract over 10000 types of health and nutritional products from 1200 exhibitors worldwide and over 50000 professionals to participate. Through three exhibitions a year, it integrates exhibition displays, summit salons, interactive experiences, and trade docking, It is committed to building a professional trade and experiential interactive platform for the global health nutrition industry.
    The PCE Maternal and Child Care EXPO (Guangzhou) will be held from 2024 in Guangzhou.It will continue to bring more business opportunities to the global health, nutrition, and nutritional products industries!