Selected in the second "Green Point China" top 50 list, the whole cotton era of the whole industry chain green innovation was recognized

The nomination list of "Green Point China · The Second Sustainable Practice Case Selection" of First Finance and Economics was announced, and the case of "Green innovation of the whole cotton industry chain" was selected as the top 50 list.

The "China Green Point" project (CGP), initiated by CBN, is committed to documenting the process of achieving the goal of "carbon neutrality" and continuously discovering the annual highlights of green revolution. From top-level thinking to path selection, from economic structure to industry practice, from technological innovation to product design, we will witness the efforts of outstanding business entities to promote green consumption and green lifestyle, in order to demonstrate China's responsibility and responsibility on global climate issues and shape future ecological civilization.

This April, 2023 "Green Dot China." The selection of Sustainable Practice cases was launched. The selection criteria mainly include six dimensions: green energy saving, green design, green cycle, green procurement, green logistics, and green innovation, divided into 12 second-level indicators and 120 third-level indicators. As of June 30, more than 300 applications had been submitted.

Following the win of Green Dot China in 2022. Green Pioneer Award, Cotton Times selected the Top 50 list for "Green innovation of the whole cotton industry chain". As a consumer goods brand focusing on cotton, Cotton Times insists on using 100% natural high-quality cotton as the core raw material, and actively creates a green and low-carbon development sample of the industry. On the product side, we develop green products from the source, including 100% cotton soft towels, cotton wipes, organic cotton sanitary napkins and pajama pants certified by China Organic and GOTS Organic. Actively implement green packaging actions such as the "Zero Plastic Program", and implement all-cotton non-woven bags in stores and channels to reduce the use of plastic bags; Carry out product carbon footprint certification and green product certification, and become the first brand in China to obtain SGS product carbon footprint certification and certification.

At the same time of continuous innovation to break through the technical barriers of cotton materials, the cotton era provides consumers with a new choice that is healthier, safer and more environmentally friendly. It is reported that the Cotton Times, with its outstanding contribution to green innovation and promoting environmental sustainable development, has been awarded the "Annual low-carbon role Model" honor by China Newsweek for two consecutive years.