How should each age group protect skin? Skin care expert coming to decode.

For girls, blindly say how to protect the skin is not accurate, because every age is not the same needs to protect the skin, because every age is different skin problems are not the same, there is a Japanese skincare master in the program to tell the secret of every age to protect the skin, the following will understand.



Under the age of 20,

Skincare experts say most skin problems for teenagers are acne, technically known as acne.

Cause of long acne is commonly endocrine problem, because the juvenile hormone levels sometimes will be unstable, easily reflected on the body, and generally long acne babies have constipation, a constipation will increase the evil jade bacteria in the body, this will lead to the activity of acid in the body element, and will follow the blood to the skin, is easy to long blain.

So to adolescent classmate, have good rest and rest, and reasonable diet, recuperate good body, skin can become very good.



Under the age of 25

After the age of 20, the hormone level in the body becomes stable and skin problems decrease. However, as people have their own life, their living environment will change, leading to certain changes in the skin, mainly dry and wet skin.

This stage protects skin with protect wet give priority to, maintain good work and rest at the same time, appropriate compensatory a few vitamins, let endocrine a few stabilizes.


Under the age of 35,

Skincare experts said: 'this is when girls' skin starts to go downhill, as metabolism slows down, collagen is lost, fine lines grow and facial skin shows signs of sagging.

Select a product with anti - wrinkle tightening.

In addition, the human body will be short of iron, resulting in the inability to produce collagen, can eat more iron supplements.


Under the age of 45,

According to skincare experts, collagen-rich foods such as bird's nest and dried white fish provide a more direct and rapid collagen boost to the skin cells than iron supplements.

And anti-aging skin care products can no longer meet the needs of the skin, the absorption of the skin will also decline, anti-aging products absorption will be better, but also can appropriately choose some medical beauty projects, to help the skin absorb nutrients.



45 years of age or older

Skincare experts said: "at this age, most of us are going through menopause. Women are already getting older, and some skin problems are inevitable.

This time fight old basically is to raise form metabolization to give priority to, such skin still can have flexibility quite.

Then choose the one that suits you best among the skincare products you've used for so many years.


Skin care is a woman's lifelong career, but as we get older and older, the years leave us not only wrinkles and sagging skin, more is life experience, and face aging calmly.