The toner, a bottle solved spring skin trouble

Be in change season period recently, the skin also follows the mood to become easy to be impetuous and changeless rise, do not know everybody small advocate have such trouble, actually at this time a bottle of toner water, can rescue all sorts of conditions that face!

Part 1

Shuili renewable skin toner

This toner is suitable for mature skin with acne and acne. It can effectively inhibit the excessive secretion of facial oil, thus preventing the growth of bacteria on the face and causing acne and other facial problems. It can also effectively relieve facial pigmentation and make the skin more transparent and white.

Dredge pore at the same time, stimulative follow-up maintains article to be able to absorb better.

After cleansing, spray appropriate amount of toner on the cotton pad and gently wipe the skin along the direction of skin texture. You can see yellow residue on the cotton pad.

If the residue on the skin will affect the absorption and effect of subsequent skin care products, you can directly use lotion and other skin care products after wiping. After sticking to the use for a period of time, you will find that the residue on the cotton pad is less and less, and the skin is more bright and shiny.

Part 2

Dior essence toner

It's also a lovely, fresh water, but Dior's is noticeably fresher and more natural than Lancome's.

It USES it is the high function makeup water that slant water quality feeling, contain high times to repair anti-ageing elite composition, can alleviate dry and sensitive muscle bottom, let skin surface burnish feeling is very strong.

My favorite part of the pink water is the dior essence toner, which is completely non-sticky when used, making my oily skin very comfortable.

The feeling of moist water quality is slippery on the face very good absorption, won't bring excessive burden to the skin.

Let every pore drink enough water, show a powerful hydrating effect.

Insist on using it every day to care for dry skin bottom, but let my face have gradually disappeared, every day skin refreshing very comfortable!

Part 3

Olecule balance toner

This is a skin-nourishing water, whose main function is to balance and relieve, balance skin PH value, maintain skin water and oil balance, soothe and calm the skin, and increase skin endurance. No matter how many layers are applied, the product can only feel continuous swish absorption without any sticky residual feeling.

Secondly, a large number of anti-allergy and soothing ingredients, such as chamomile extract, are added, so sensitive skin can be safely used, can also be used as calm water after sunburn;

The water is also rich in plant-derived antioxidants that fight free radicals caused by uv rays.

Marine water is the most important is that it can help restore the natural PH value of the skin, adhere to the use can increase the skin tolerance, not easy to feel external stimulation, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and soothing effect, long-term use found that the pores are also good improvement!

Especially suitable mix slant oil, oil bean sensitive skin, like relaxed without the burden of the girl!

Part 4

Caudalie is a beautiful white toner

The natural ingredients in this toner effectively inhibit tyramidase and melanocyte activity, slow down melanin production, and fade spots.

It can obviously improve dark and dull skin color and make skin bright and bright.

Can effectively reduce the number of dark spots, size, melanin content and color, but also anti - free radical and anti - aging effect.

Suitable for people with any discoloration, natural, safe and effective, suitable for sensitive skin.

After cleansing your skin in the morning and evening, apply appropriate amount on your hands or cotton pad and evenly apply it on your face and neck. For the best effect, it is suggested to combine with the same series of whitening and whitening essence.

During use, pay attention to sunscreen, appropriate use of sunscreen.

Part 5

CAUDALI large grape toner

CAUDALI (otelli) name with the meaning of "wine flavor", the brand around the fruit, leaves, seeds, vines, the zhen brand of treasure should be "pu grapes seed polyphenols", is an antioxidant pioneer.

Use can smell Dan light grape aroma, fresh and pleasant.

High moisturizing effect, when used, skin dryness can be relieved obviously.

Gently wake up the skin, deeply moisturize, improve the absorption of follow-up skin care products.

And what have to say is the effect that cleans skin twice, dispel skin to remain color makeup, restore embellish transparent skin.

Part 6

Oliveda olive F11 toner

Oliveda is one of the world's top olive skin care brands, and this olive F11 toner is its obvious product. With an alcohol-free formula and no chemicals, it is safe for sensitive muscles and pregnant women to use.

Contains olive leaf cell extract, mallow, babado aloe and other ingredients, quickly hydrates and locks the skin, promotes the balance of water and oil on the skin, shrinks pores, removes oily light and acne, avoids dry and sensitive skin, and leaves the skin healthy and bright again.

Press the quality of a material that comes out completely is water same, won't feel a bit stickiness, color shows shallow rice olive color, send out natural plant aroma, differ from perfume completely, feel quite good smell, pat gently a few times was absorbed completely, use up feeling very relaxed, skin color feels bright a bit.

Part 7

Sanoflore plant oil control toner

It is the world's largest supplier of organic plant materials, from SISLEY, DARPHIN in France to AESOP in Australia.

Zhao yu, its brand director, says one person described it as "a gift to the world for every product SANOFLORE sells".

The reason is that more than 95% of its ingredients are natural and more than 95% are organic. All water is replaced by flower water (hydrosol). Even packaging and advertising are printed with vegetable oil.

Sanoflore toner, pure plant ingredients, mild and not irritating, suitable for any skin type, sensitive muscles can also be used.

Fresh and delicate texture, can clean blocked pores, improve dark skin quality.

It can also contract delicate pores, make skin appear zero pore state, smooth and white, and create healthy and beautiful muscles.

Part 8

Anna Berlin sensitive toner

The quality of a material of elite fluid is to show shallow yellow water form, daub is absorbed quickly by pore on skin, won't have frowsty and greasy feeling.

Natural and safe ingredients, the addition of various plant essences, can well nourish the bottom of the muscle, care for the health of the face.

Quickly replenish water molecules, repair red and swollen skin, make cheeks more delicate and delicate.

Stick with the cortex and you'll be more resistant.

Before using the serum, rinse the skin thoroughly with a cleanser.

Gently press the pump head twice and squeeze out the right amount of essence in the palm of your hand.

Touch with forefinger and dot besmear on the cheek, point abdomen gently pat besmear for a while, accelerate pore to absorb nutrient material.

Also can mix elite fluid and face cream to use, such skin will be more delicate.