Spring protect skin often step thunder? 90% of girls fall for these 9 mistakes.

April is about to come, again will protect skin career to put on schedule, especially spring all sorts of skin problem send many, it is really a big problem with respect to carelessly skin.

Today, small new share a few skin care experience with everybody, stay away from all sorts of skin care error zone, just be to become beautiful correct open way!


Buy skincare products without knowing your skin quality?

What a big mistake!

Just think, dry skin girls use alcohol-based skin care products, will only make the skin moisture, oil volatilized faster, not more and more dry.

Come again, sensitive skin girl chooses an ingredient to exceed complex functional product, can increase greatly only send sensitive probability.

Master your skin, and targeted to skin care, this can greatly avoid the purchase of the wrong skin care products probability.

As for how to test skin type, the way on the net is multifarious, a lot of skin care product counter also can offer free skin type to test a service, everybody can try.


Only had made up ability to need to remove makeup?

After make up, want discharge makeup necessarily, but make up is the only premise that discharge makeup by no means.

In fact, anyone who has used sunscreen, isolation products or spent a lot of time outdoors with a high air pollution index should use a gentle makeup remover.

Otherwise, just wait for the oil your skin produces to clump with air pollutants and cling to your face.Cleaning is the key to skin care, skin can not do deep cleaning, there is no need to talk about follow-up skin care.


Clean and clean, right?

Although cleanliness is important, over-cleanliness is another myth.

Repeated cleaning like ocd will only consume a lot of natural moisturizing factors in the cuticle of the skin, which is also an extreme. And when washing a face, do not repeatedly scrub the face, repeatedly rinse with hot water, finally wipe the face with a rough towel......

Congratulations to you! Your face will only get drier and rougher as a result.


Make up water can use make up cotton to go up only face?

Pat skin with cotton pad, can be beneficial to moisture absorption + remove old horniness.

However, make up the classification that water itself has full of beautiful things in eyes, different kind decides its use gimmick to also differ greatly.

Relatively simple distinction method is: clean kind make up water with make up cotton pat;

Whitening type makeup water needs to cooperate with cotton wet compress.


I'm still young. Eye cream is enough. No eye cream?

The eye area is the most delicate skin in the face, but that doesn't mean you should reduce the burden of eye skin by abandoning eye essence!

Small new proposal is, pass the experience that protect skin in the past, summarize oneself eye week skin to bear force and absorb force, if superposition eye ministry elite, can let eye week more sensitive grow adipose grain even, you besides should consider eye ministry to protect skin to taste whether suit skin to pledge besides, also should Chou Chou your massage technique is accurate?

Under the condition of normal skin endurance, it is recommended to superimpose eye essence and eye cream.


How about superimposing skin care products from different brands?

Different brands of skin care products can be superimposed use, but the premise you have a certain understanding of skin care ingredients, is by no means skin care white.

Without understanding your skin quality and skin needs, blindly adding skin care products with different brands and functions will only make your skin at a loss for its limited endurance.

So how to ensure the stability of skin?

The careful approach is especially simple: if possible, choose a whole range of skincare products from the same brand.

Eye essence and eye cream choose the same brand, this can greatly reduce the probability of rejection of the skin.

Or, the choice keeps wet the makeup water of effect, latex, superimpose on this foundation other function type elite.


Can a mask replace your daily skincare routine?

Really lazy! Although apply face film to be able to make protect skin effect double is right, but it is the complement on daily skin care foundation, cannot replace daily skin care absolutely.

In fact, apply the mask, also must remember to brush essence, lotion and a series of daily steps to protect skin, so that you can make the mask effect better ~


Is bath edge edge apply facial film effect double?

Not at all, take a bath when apply mask, sounds very comfortable, in fact, the water vapor in the bathroom will only dilute the essence of the mask, but also into the mask paper, let a type of mask "slip" slide down.

At the end of the day, your skin is drier than it should be.


Choose prevent bask in the product with higher bask in index, more effective?

Clean, prevent bask in can be said to be the important premise that protect skin, do not prevent bask in old 5 years of view, without exaggerating.

Only, when choosing prevent bask in a product, cannot look naturally prevent bask in index only, see its water embellish degree even, if walk in outdoor sunny day, still must remember to alternate two hours fill besmear, otherwise usable prevent bask in a product useless.