Facial skin often gives oil?A smooth face is troublesome.

 As we all know, our skin is generally divided into five categories, namely oily skin, dry skin, sensitive skin, mixed skin and neutral skin, among which neutral skin is the most healthy skin, is also all girls dream of skin. But small make up very unlucky became oily skin, presumably the same as oily skin of the girls, must have the same feelings with small make up, that is every morning up with a face of oily light, is very scary. It may be better in the dry winter, but on a hot summer day, your face feels like a daily layer of oil. In order to help with me have the same trouble of the small United States eyebrow, I prepared a few oil control small method, that let us look at together!


The first small way to introduce you is to supplement vitamin b6.

You know, there are a lot of nutrients that we need every day. Vitamins are the most important nutrient element. If we lack vitamins, there will be all kinds of problems, including skin problems.

We can be in the diet in daily life, eat a few more food that is rich in vitamin b6, for example fruit or vegetable, such compensatory body needs vitamin, so facial skin reduced the secretion of grease.


The next tip is to use an ice coke. In addition to reducing oil secretion in the diet, we can use outside help to ease oil secretion. Teach you the method of an first aid today, that is to get up in the morning to take out ice coke in freezer ice face, not be of course coke pours out come out so stimulate facial skin, so pore can shrink immediately, at this time reoccupy the product that controls oil, the effect can be more apparent.


If your facial skin produces a lot of oil, pay more attention to hydration. Probably some sister people think facial skin place has a lot of, do not need to undertake filling water to protect wet the job again, actually your skin condition now is in the phenomenon that is dry inside oil outside, need to add moisture more so, ensure the water in skin oil balance ability won't give oil serious. We can come home at night and clean up, and then apply a water mask, which can help us quickly replenish the water that is missing from our face, and then use a cream or lotion to lock in the water. After trying the above methods, I believe that your facial oil will be a lot of relief.