Face to acne,dermatologists teach you the magic formula.

In order to have a beautiful style, girls are especially willing to go to the hair salon to play with their hair, for example, every now and then bleach a new color or perm a new style, can instantly make people shine.

But after perm curl also can be accompanied by a series of thorny problems, such as poor hair quality, often lose hair, hair ends become particularly dry and easy to break, in the face of these annoying problems how should we effectively solve?

Try these techniques.

1. Choose the right comb.

Do modelling hair had just been in a state of fragile and sensitive, knot of the problem is very normal, this time we use a thin, dense direct blunt to comb, comb obviously is a kind of unreasonable practices, we can use their own hands or pitch more coarse comb for hair care, so that we can effectively guarantee our hair roll become warped, without strain hair root, to deepen the problem of hair loss.

2. Proper use of shower cap.

When you take a shower, when do you usually wash your hair? Do you clean your hair thoroughly at the beginning or at the end? It is recommended that you wet your hair before each shower, apply a thin layer of conditioner, put on your shower cap, and then take a shower and then work on your hair. Using indoor steam in such a way can make conditioner play a greater role, thereby further nourishing our hair.

3. Avoid using conditioner too often.

If your hair is dry, try washing it with conditioner only once a week. A lot of times we use shampoos that are very powerful cleansers, as well as conditioners, so excessive and frequent use of these products can take a lot of the oil away from the surface of our scalp, leaving our hair drier and drier.

4. When is it better to brush your hair?

After washing a hair to end, must not wait until the hair is completely dry when again undertake combing, because the hair is knotted in that way can appear especially easily a lot of hair is dropped. Try applying the right amount of conditioner and then using a wide-toothed comb in a semi-dry condition to make your hair smoother.

5. Add appropriate conditioner to styling products.

Now a lot of new type of conditioner is disposable, attached on the surface of a human hair can be more lasting play the role of care, we are after perm hair style in order to maintain their own roll degree will use some basic finalize the design product, such as hair gel, try adding a certain amount of hair conditioner inside when use, can effectively maintain your modelling effect both at the same time also can let you fully nourish every hair.

6. Use a conditioner oil or coconut oil for maintenance.

Faced with the problem of extremely dry hair ends, we can also apply appropriate hair care essential oil in daily life to alleviate. No matter when we do styling or before washing our hair, we can apply enough essential oil products for certain care. The method is very simple, from top to bottom, starting from the root of the hair, to the middle of the hair and then to the end of the hair. Apply appropriate essential oil to effectively care every strand of hair.