P&G launched a makeup product which to take photos without having to turn on beauty.

In this era of the national love of beauty, beauty, PS has long been unable to meet the needs of the United States. In order to let everybody real life also can beautiful beautiful, each big company also is to give force quite to be in research and development all sorts of beauty makeup product, will help everybody make more natural good-looking makeup look effect.

A procter & gamble makeup tool has become an Internet sensation. Its name is Opte, a small tool for applying foundation and brightening cream to age spots. When you slide it over your face, it emits blue light on your skin, analyzes the image and prints the dots of its makeup mixture onto the black spots. The result is a skin tone that looks even, almost as if you haven't used makeup.

Opte beauty instrument


A woman in the use of the scene, it seems more science fiction, it is almost like a beauty camera, the camera meitu. Looks like photoshop. The product is not yet on the market and is expected to be available by the end of the 19th century, but according to a person familiar with the matter, the price will not be lower than 13,000 sets. Nevertheless to a lot of need the lady that often makes up character, believe still have temptation very much, after all the effect looks really very black technology, and compare normal make up process to save time a lot of.

Teach everybody below skill, can make supernatural immaculate makeup look easily!

1, make up below natural light: the influence of light to makeup look is very big, the light is too warm tonal or too dark, can affect go up makeup. Therefore, it is recommended to make up under the natural light line, so that you don't have to worry about too much makeup after going out.

2, according to different parts of the choice of tools: face different parts, different makeup, the use of tools are not the same. If only use the hand, although can draw, but not delicate, and not lasting, so I suggest you choose the appropriate makeup tools

3, on the makeup must pay attention to a small number of times: whether it is on the bottom makeup, eyeshadow, make-up or blush, pay attention to a small number of times to use, lest overdo it, make the makeup look dirty, or lead to too much face makeup.

4, use concealer products skillfully: everyone face more or less have a few spots acne print, want to cover these flaws, simple use of liquid foundation is not good, not only concealer is not in place, but also easy to lead to the bottom makeup thick. So after bottom makeup, must besmear on blemish skin first concealer fluid, next brim USES brush gently dizzy catch. After normal on foundation liquid, 0 blemish natural nude makeup came out oh~